Humming Adventures - 2D infinite Survival Game


Hello all!

Let me first introduce myself,
I am an indie game dev who found a passion for games about 6 or 7 years ago. This passion developed through me actually playing games. I loved these games so much, I wanted to create some for my own. Here is a timeline of my dev adventures…

Early dev life
I started off on scratch, a MIT licences game making engine. There I learned a few tricks of the trade. I leaned how to set up conditional “if, then, else” functions, user input, and basic graphics. At this time I was going to many camps (yes I’m still a bit of a kiddo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and learning new things with different engines and coding languages. At the time the engines were quite basic:, Khan Academy, etc. I also learned HTML, which I am proud to say that I am relatively fluent in now. These camps added to my current knowledge, and love of coding.

Next Steps
I thought I was ready. I was going to make the next big hit. So what did I do? I downloaded Unity3D, a massive 3D engine, responsible for creating some of today’s biggest hits. This was my first ever BIG mistake! Unity is a game engine mostly based in C++, and C#. It was an extremly complex software that had its own dedicated graphics editor/rendering system, and many more complex aspects. I was about ankle deep in Unity when I got completely discouraged. I was lost in the complex world of game dev. I didn’t know where to go, and what to turn to.

I decided to take a step back. I would look at it from another angle. I decided to move into the field of graphics. I thought, “if I want to be able to make games, I should be able to make my graphics for these games.” I downloaded Blender. This was mistake number 2! Blender is a 3D modeling software that the pro’s use to create graphics for animated movies, big hit games, and more. It was a bit less complex then Unity, only because it did not have as many different aspects. It was solely a 3D modeling and rendering software. I was able to make an animated monkey move around a screen. And… that’s pretty much it. This yet again discouraged me. I was obviously doing something wrong.

My Big Slump
I was now unfortunately in a slump. I had no idea what to do and where to go. I even stopped playing video games for a bit of time. I focused a lot more energy on school, and sports. Then, something sparked my interest again. Another game! This time it was World of Tanks. I played this game a lot, and during the loading sequence, an animation would play, showing tanks rolling around, shooting. I never noticed it at first, but in the background, there was a 5 star rating, and an award that World of Tanks got. I further looked into it, and it turns out that the game won the Golden Joystick Award for Multiplayer Game of the Year. This excited me, I remembered all the joys of coding games. I really wanted to do it again. I decided to start small, I learned individual coding languages through Khan Academy, and Codecademy. I then looked into game engines. This was quite possibly one of the hardest parts of the game dev process for me. There are hundreds of game engines out there, each with their own individual components that make them unique. I looked at many. This began to overwhelm me, but didn’t discourage me quite yet. As I was looking for game engines to use, I remembered the way that Scratch was set up. It was visual coding, with connecting blocks rather then written scripts. I decided to take the lazy rout. Rather then learning more languages, I just decided to click some blocks together, and try to create a hit… This was mistake number 3! When coding with blocks, because the blocks have presets, it limits what you are trying to create. At the time I was using Stencyl. My goal was to create a RPG mobile game. I wanted to upload it to the app store. Now don’t get me wrong, Stencyl is a great software! It is strong, and great for creating 2D games. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite what I needed. I did not realize this until it was too late… Because I wanted to upload to the AppStore, I had to be on a mac OS. I could use a virtual box, or get a mac… my computer wan not powerful enough for a virtual box, so I invested in a mac. :man_facepalming:t5: 700 for a mac to upload my game to the AppStore. A game that never really worked out. Thankfully I was not discouraged…

Alright… Get to the Point
I was back on the hunt for a good engine, I ran into a couple good ones, but they still didn’t fit my needs. And then, I found Defold. A beautifully built engine, with an amazing community. It wasn’t to complex for my goals, but it also wasn’t too basic. It was absolutely perfect. I stuck with Defold, slowly learning the ins and outs. I found myself on the forum more then in the engine!:sweat_smile: I told myself that it was okay, it was the best way I was going to end up learning. I worked with a simple philosophy. I believe it is a philosophy that other devs should work by, or even live by. “Start small, enjoy the adventure. Don’t look at the rewards that lay ahead, look at the work you are working on currently. Don’t expect praise, or greatness. And whatever you do, have fun doing it.” Did just that. As my first game using Defold, I created a basic game with a hummingbird, that has to avoid, and collect different falling objects. It’s basic, yes, but is has taught me so many things about Defold, Lua, and even myself. I have learned how to use collection proxies, how synchronize to the Defold servers, how to create functions in Lua. I have even learned what type of lighting I work best in, the type of music that helps me focus, the people in my life whom I can turn to for ideas or advice. This adventure has been a great one, and I could not have done it without a few heroes who have come to my aid:
@britzl @Pkeod @kashyapaayush32 @amel @Mattias_Hedberg and many more! I want to thank you all! You have been amazing help!

The Big Thing
I am proud to introduce… Humming Adventures, launching onto a Defold Community Page Saturday February 2nd!
I will post the link here, so please stay tuned!
I would really appreciate input from the community. Once the game launches I would love if I could receive feedback.
This feedback will be used to create updated for the game. I am already planning on having updated adding updated graphics, music, and more.
Thank you all so much for reading this!
Have a great, and wonderful day!
Stay tuned…


Great job! Looking forward to playing it :slight_smile:


I will post here when it is released!


That’s a solid philosophy right there! Really cool reading your story, best of luck with Hummingbird Adventures :slight_smile:

Can I ask, how did you find Defold?


I was doing many google searches looking for 2D game engines. I was able to find Defold’s website. I decided to check it out. After looking at it a bit, I did another search to see if other people liked it. Many people do! I decided to try it, and I love it!


The time has finally come!
Humming Adventures has been released into the community, on its very own Community Page!
Please be sure to check it out! It is my first game on using Defold, so please excuse the simplicity. It’s not as advanced as some amazing games I have seen, but rest assured, I am already working on another game!
I would really like feedback. I am going to make several updates, but I need knowledge from the community to make sure that Humming Adventures is a great game! Please don’t worry, be critical! Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Also, please spread the word about this game, it will increase the amount of traffic going to the game. This means that I can get even more feedback, and grow as a developer.
Don’t forget to click the heart button on the community page, to show how much you like the game!
It has been a great time working with the amazing community, and engine, Defold has to offer.
Stay tuned for update information!
Thank you all so much!!


Congrats on releasing your first Defold game!


Thank you very much! How did you like it? Are there in any ways that you noticed, ways that the game could be better? Possible something for a future update?


Some ideas and thoughts:

  • Prevent the humming bird from leaving the screen.
  • There is no progression - how do I “win” a level and progress to the next one?
  • Infinite runners usually get progressively harder - maybe skip levels completely and have a single infinite level that becomes harder and harder
  • Introduce lives/health so that you can die and add a highscore list


Wonderful ideas! Thank you so much!
I will look into all of those!
Thank’s a lot for your time!



The humming bird can no longer fall off the screen.
We have noticed that this has been an issue, making people have to hold the up arrow to make the bird visible again.
Sorry about the inconvenience.
Be sure to check out the new patch!
New updates are on it’s way! Thank you all so much!
Stay tuned…



The buttons in the “Level Select Collection,” as well as the “Level Select Buttons,” in the corner of each level, now have a dimming effect when the mouse hovers over it. This will provide more feel to the game, eliminating a static feel the game might have.
Check out the new patch!
New updates are on it’s way! Thank you all so much!
Stay tuned…


Hi. Fun game and congrats on releasing your first game.

I’m new to Defold too, and have been tremendously enjoying it.

A little feedback on your game. In my opinion some animations would be nice. Like the bird flapping its wings. Or a splash particle effect (check out the awesome particle fx editor) when the drops hit the ground. Also a little screenshake (check out the camera dependencies, I’m usually using RenderCam) when the bird hits an obstacle.

Looking forward to the improvements to the game.


Really appreciate the feedback. These are a lot of creative ideas, and I will look into all of them! Thanks so much!


Error, patch no longer working, the game has been reversed to its previous state as our team works to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Screen now shakes when the Hummingbird runs into raindrops, splats, or lasers.
Please let us know if there are any issues with the shaking, or any changes you want to be made, (longer shake, more shake, etc.)
Assets have been added to the game, these assets are not currently in use.
Check out the new patch!
New updates are on it’s way! Thank you all so much!
Stay tuned…


Patch is now operational!

Screen now shakes when the Hummingbird runs into raindrops, splats, or lasers.
Please let us know if there are any issues with the shaking, or any changes you want to be made, (longer shake, more shake, etc.)
Assets have been added to the game, these assets are not currently in use.
Check out the new patch!
New updates are on it’s way! Thank you all so much!
Stay tuned…


Looks good, but I think the shake is a little too much. :see_no_evil:

Might make some people dizzy :smiley:

Looking forward to your future updates.


Thank you for the input. I will take it into great consideration! It does shake a bit much when you are in the harder levels. This may cause distractions for player. Thanks again!


I think that this is a really great game, especially as your first game on Defold! I’m also new to it but I think this game is impressive considering how new you are. I like the idea and simplicity of the game, and it also can be quite addicting. I think that you should add a level system to where you can progress to the next level and have a certain number of lives, but other than that, this game is a really great game. Nice job.
I’m looking forward to playing any games you make in the future.


I just tried it and really enjoyed it. Thank you for making this and sharing it :slight_smile: