HTML5 export size

What’s the file size of a minimal HTML5 Instant game?

The example games appear to use 10MB+ to load (using Chrome Dev Tools bandwidth analyser), but maybe instant games are smaller?

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Remember that you should measure a release build with anything that you don’t need stripped from the binary. By this I mean running with the release.appmanifest selected in game.project and with the Release build variant checked in the Bundle dialog. You can use the Manifestation tool to generate an app manifest tailored to your game’s needs.

The XOXO (TicTacToe) example game results in a zipped upload of 1.38Mb when using the Instant Games web hosting:

You can also combine this with out Live Update functionality to ship a minimal set of levels/content and then download additional content as the player progresses through your game.

Finally, we’re also upgrading Emscripten (should be included in the next release) which will additionally reduce file size. And in the release after that we’re adding webassembly support.


Thanks for the detailed and fast response! Do you know if there are any live Facebook Instant Defold games out there?

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You can check our Classic Klondike Solitaire

(Facebook server uses GZIP for instant games, you can approximately check final size just putting your game into ZIP archive)


Thanks! Loads really quick.