[HTML5/Android]"Red Light Racer™" 99% Finished(Open Source)



We have about finished our Defold game!
Was hoping some people here could help test it?
Everything in this game is done except the game’s story.

You can see the game at this URL LINK.
Above link has a screenshot, HTML5 version link, Google Play version link, and also link to full source code on GitHub.

We think everything is OK at this point, but you might find something too.

P.S. - On [Options] screen “Secret Code” 1010 will show Frames Per Second


Here is a screenshot:


Hi! I don’t understand how to actually play it: after pressing “Start” it immediately goes to highscores, and there is no actual gameplay.



As stated above: everything is there but the actual game.
It’s just a test of the framework - game will be later…



Sorry, you are right, didn’t read it through :sweat_smile:


Just about done…
Everything is finished except the game’s story.
Let us know if you see an issue!



Game is now live on Google Play