HTML Fullscreen button doesn't work (DEF-3631) (SOLVED)


And the full screen button for html5 doesn’t work after the game has loaded.
(Android chrome)

Application don't run, if making a lot of touches (Android) (DEF-192) (SOLVED)

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Created ticket: DEF-3631


Taking a quick look at this, found a workaround for you, add a ontouchend event handler right after the current onclick inside your html template, like this:

	document.getElementById("fullscreen").onclick = function (e) {
	document.getElementById("fullscreen").ontouchend = function (e) {


When turning full screen on a game designed as landscape, the gsme is stretching badly.
(mobile locked as portrait)


This can probably be fixed by using a render script that doesn’t stretch the view. The default render script will stretch the content if the screen isn’t the same aspect ratio as what you’ve specified in game.project.


How could the game rotate itself on this condition automaticly?


Do you have Dynamic Orientation unchecked in game.project?


Solved in 1.2.143