How to use texture profiles? (SOLVED)

Hi all.

I try few times configure texture profiles, but every time i dont see any effect. Volume on disk non changed, but in game all textures disappear.

Anyone help me for understanding texture profiles.

Thank you.

Please upload a sample texture profile in a zip that you’re trying to get to work.

Have you read this?

+ Do you have the file defined in your game.project?

And have you read this: Texture Management in Defold?

What have you tried so far? Share a screenshot of your texture profile settings and let us know for which platform you are bundling.

Thank you. After read this Texture Management in Defold I think understand my prolem.

I right understand Texture Profiles used for mobile platform only and not apply for Desktop?

No. Texture profiles are for all platforms. You can specify settings for each platform (macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android or HTML5), or settings for all platforms.


Hmm. Ok I send my texture profile for your investigate.

It is very important to understand what formats work on what hardware. If you build for Android, you must use formats that are supported on Android hardware.

No I build for Windows Desktop and after build I dont see textures. I understand what profiles used for bundle only.

What texture format and compression are you using?

I think I understand my error - I not correct write profile and path I think.

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There is a typo. You have “atals” where it should say “atlas”.

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Yeah when I make screenshot - I see :slight_smile:
I test later :slight_smile:

Also, PVRTC is most likely not supported on your hardware.

Hmm Thank you. maybe. In it case for me use texture Profiles not needed I think.

I think you should always look at ways to make your project smaller and more efficient. That said, the process of applying more advanced compression should probably not happen at project start. Texture profiles will slow down your builds considerably and you want to move fast during development.

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I think same about project size, but our current bundle volume about 30Mb and it not big problem. Thank you for help!