How to learn GLSL and shaders for Defold?

I’m pretty new to gamedev myself and my main character is a flame so I was looking into implementing something like this in Defold. Seems I need to make some custom render scripts and I’m not sure how to do it, I’ve read the API but still no idea. I’d like to know if you know good resources to get me started?

I’m not in a rush to release my game and I’m happy with this engine. But still a good feature to bring to the new editor.

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Check out: Simple 2D Lighting

You don’t really need any OpenGL or GLSL knowledge for this, though of course it’s a very good idea to learn it anyway! I don’t have any good learning resource suggestions for you though, I only picked up some basics by looking at other people’s shaders and trial and error…


Thank you, I just started reading about shaders and they’re really amazing.

At first I was kinda annoyed that Defold didn’t have an out-of-the-box 2D lighting, but thanks to that I found out about shaders and what you can do with them. Here’s some resources I found about GLSL and fragment shaders: