Hot Reloading grayed out in the menu


…another thread.

I’m working in Win10, running Editor2 v1.2.120 2018-02-09T17:55:28.506062.

Hot reloading is grayed out in the menu, and I’m not sure why, or what I need to do to my project to make it work again. Suggestions?


Is this from a normal application that you’ve done Project->Build on? Are you using an app-manifest?


Sometimes this happens to me when I’m switching target a lot. Try setting your target again, might work?


Windows editor 2, standard application that I can Project->Build on, and yes, that’s what I’ve done. No app-manifest, and only 1 target, the standard engine.


Filed an issue here:

Please comment there if you have any more info!


I can repro it on macos with the latest editor version too. I’ve put more details in the ticket, and uploaded a zip of my project.