Hot reload gone?! (SOLVED)


Umm, hot reload is missing? It’s not in the menu and Ctrl+R doesn’t work either. I tried redownloading the editor from




Hot Reload is present under the File menu and appears to only operate when a change has been made to the file being reloaded.

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Hasn’t it always worked like that? There is no point in reloading a file if it hasn’t changed. Or do you need that to trigger some code in on_reload()?

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Ahhh, haha, OK, I’m dumb. I did think it would hot-reload even if the file hadn’t changed. So that’s why it’s always seemed oddly unreliable. Hmm, I think it would be good to print a message in the console about that, or just reload the file regardless.

Did I also dream that it used to be in the right-click menu though?

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Well, I can see a use case for “reinitialising” some mechanic, so that you can watch it several times.
E.g. restarting an attack wave.



Yeah, it could be very useful!

For me it’s also a UX issue. If you press Ctrl+R and -sometimes- absolutely nothing happens, it just feels broken.

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Yes, you’ve got a point. Let’s check with @mats.gisselson today.



The menu option should probably always be there but disabled if nothing has changed. And we could print that nothing has been changed.

This could be bound to a keybinding instead of relying on on_reload() mechanic.