Hosting a Game Jam with Defold


Hello all! It is nice to be back in the trenches of the Defold forums. I have been a bit too busy in the recent month or so to work on my Defold project, but I am happy to announce that, as the president of my local ACM chapter, my team is hosting a game jam and the two engines we are showcasing for people to use are Game Maker and the one and only Defold.

Naturally, there may be some newbies coming to the forum in the next week during the game jam and I hope the participants can fall in love with the Defold community as I have.

If any of you are interested in hosting a game jam of your own, whether through an organization you participate in or simply for fun, reach out to me through this post and I would be more than glad to give some information or tips.

A good starting place for hosting a game jam is by following the rules of the official Game Jam. Localize them for yourself of course, but if you happen to gain a large enough following, this way you are already prepared to follow the regulations of the real thing.

Thank you all for being so helpful and wonderful through my own dev process. I hope we can all help newcomers and veterans alike discover or rediscover their passion for gaming and creating.


Wonderfull initiative, I wish I took the time to participate in more game jams, it’s always a blast! Will you be having any specific theme for your jam?


There is no specific theme for ours. What kinds of themes have you seen before?


Well, there’s a game jam for every taste. Here’s a few: