Hoppy Plane

This is a work in progress, more a demonstration of concept. An old school side-view scroller with an arcade feel. A mix of flappy bird and shmup. Some graphics and sfx from Kenney.

It’s basically a three-screen game using Monarch. It’s based on many of the Defold tutorials and examples.

  • Desktop Browser: Click, hold and release the mouse to move.
  • Mobile Browser: Touch/press, hold and release to move.
  • Avoid jets and obstacles and collect stars.

Comments, critiques, suggestions, etc all welcome.

Hoppy Plane


There are sounds but I don’t see stuff on mobile browser.

The Display in game.project is set at 800 x 480 and I’m using default rendering. The screen shot showing the upper right corner at 2280 x 1080. This implies the game is being stretched or scaled to something like 9120 x 4320 ?!? I’ve only been able to see it run on a few mobiles and itch actually displays well inside the viewing. I don’t really know why it’s so stretched on your system.

I run it on Samsung Internet Browser and Chrome. The same result

On the Defold Discord the same thing on an s23 ultra.