Hiring - developer needed for iOS/Android game

We’re looking to hire someone to help bring our game “Rare Pets” to the wider world.

Currently in soft launch in Canada, Rare Pets is a pet feeding/merging/breeding game - ‎Rare Pets on the App Store

We need programming support adding new game features to improve retention, this may include:

  • social interactions such as messaging
  • implementing new mechanics, including implementing art & Spine animations from our talented art team
  • localisation & related tooling/pipeline

This is a remote role, and will initially be a short-term contract, with a possibility of a permanent position.

You can find out more about us at https://www.dreamrealityinteractive.com/ and please email jobs@drihq.com


Also, would be happy to hear any tips/experience recruiting for this type of role, as Defold experience is quite rare. For example, should I also post on Discord?


Yes I think that’s a good idea!

@AGulev what about posting on Telegram etc? Any other advice you can give?

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Yes, sure I can post in Ru channels (with explanation that English is required).
Also if @AarrrBee tweet about it, we can re-tweet from Defold account.


I have learned so much about Spine animations using Defold. Started with the Dragon Bones program making characters. I found the program exported all slots to one “default” skin. So I dove into the json file and began reorganizing them into skins. Also, Dragon Bones obscurely named their IK constraint bones. Now I’m getting game objects attached to IK bones and controlling spine characters with physics. Been a fast learning process but Lua is fun language. I learned c++ ages ago and the principles still apply. I severely injured my leg in a construction accident so I’ve had lots of time to learn.


Could you post on Reddit pls? https://www.reddit.com/r/defold/

Sorry, I should have replied to this before. I got distracted by trying to remember our Twitter password.
Happy to say that we’re now working with @blisteredMind