Heroes of #LOWREZJAM 2021

Hi! I made a game for LOWREZJAM with Defold and some people liked it. Any reference with HoMM series is purely coincidental :wink:

I heard about Defold in early June, started playing with it and made a simple puzzle game. Learning and development was going so fast (comparing to Godot) that I decided to participate in game jam for the first time in my life. I am hobbyist programmer, but even my low skills were enough to make a game in just 2 weeks with Defold!

What I liked about engine:

  • Fantastic build size and time
  • Lua modules. Almost all game logic, states, predefined data are moved to modules. The game can be easily ported (but will not be ) to other lua-scripting engines (Love2d, TIC80, etc.)
  • Despite the cool extension system, the game was made without any dependencies. A pure Defold was enough for a simple jam game.

I ran into some problems with displaying fonts in HTML5 builds: transparency did not work and small characters were not displayed. I had to give up fading and get rid of commas :sob:

Wrote this using google translate, but hope it’s clear.


HI @enotofil !
It was a great little game I thought! Well done!


Really impressive! And a great game!


Well done , very enjoyable game overall , gameplay/graphics/music and sound fx. 10/10.


Great game! Nice graphics, i like blocky gfx like this.
I’ve failed miserably at the first encounter, but as i’m not a poor loser, i give it an A grade :slight_smile: It seems to be a challenge to win, though :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, the first encounter cannot be won, it’s a prelude. :laughing: The guys shouldn’t have rushed at the warlock with spears.