Help needed to create Defold Wikipedia article!

Not entirely sure what they mean by non-independent. The blog has nothing officially tying it to Defold. He does often just report on press releases, without big deep dives. Is that the issue?

For me, as an indie dev, Games From Scratch on Youtube is pretty much my only source for gamedev news.


Maybe cut the scope of the Wiki article? Only post bare minimum facts with proof. It could be a few sentences with key facts that are easy to proof (like licensing and the fact that it’s free). It would be better than the redirect? Once it’s published add more stuff with new proof/references?


Good idea! It was brought up on the Draft_talk page and there are a few dissenting opinions about it (DayByMyself believes they are secondary and potentially reliable but ferret does not)
“Unreliable blog, mostly press release, non-independent.” - ferret

Wiki article shows on first page of Google when you type “Defold” in Google. However, when you type “Defold Engine” in Google, its nowhere to be found. Maybe adding “engine” suffix for better SEO?

What does the Wikipedia pages for other game engines look like? Do they also have the word “engine” or “game engine” in the title?