Help needed to create Defold Wikipedia article!

It was pointed out to me on Slack that the Defold Wikipedia article is a redirect to King ( Defold should really have its own webpage, just like Godot, Unity and GameMaker.

The problem is that anyone working for the Defold Foundation or King has a conflict of interest and we can’t create the page. The page about Defold must also have what Wikipedia calls notability, meaning that for something to warrant a page it must have references in literature and on the internet from other sources than

So, this is a request for help from the community to create the Defold Wikipedia article. The three most active editors will receive Defold swag and/or keys to Defold games on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Start by editing a Draft page for Defold and submit it to Articles for Creation. If it passes review the redirect to King can be removed and we can get the page published.

For the 2016 launch announcement there’s a ton of news articles. Some examples:

GDC 2017 competition:

Recent news:


Getting Defold on Steam finally would help with this.