Help needed to create Defold Wikipedia article!

It was pointed out to me on Slack that the Defold Wikipedia article is a redirect to King (King (company) - Wikipedia). Defold should really have its own webpage, just like Godot, Unity and GameMaker.

The problem is that anyone working for the Defold Foundation or King has a conflict of interest and we can’t create the page. The page about Defold must also have what Wikipedia calls notability, meaning that for something to warrant a page it must have references in literature and on the internet from other sources than

So, this is a request for help from the community to create the Defold Wikipedia article. The three most active editors will receive Defold swag and/or keys to Defold games on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Start by editing a Draft page for Defold and submit it to Articles for Creation. If it passes review the redirect to King can be removed and we can get the page published.

For the 2016 launch announcement there’s a ton of news articles. Some examples:

GDC 2017 competition:

Recent news:

EDIT 2023-09-19: We will no longer offer any compensation in terms of swag or game keys to anyone helping us to create a wikipedia as that is seen as a breach of contribution guidelines.


Getting Defold on Steam finally would help with this.


I’m resurrecting this post. We still don’t have a Wikipedia article for Defold. Anyone wanna give it a try?

Some recent things that might be worth mentioning on the page is:


Maybe I will give it a shot. Will have to do it after work though as my pc at work uses a colocation feature that blocks me from editing.


@negative_development I wondered if you’d started this… if not, I’m happy to begin the process.


Oh! I meant to get this posted. I will have the base up today and then it will likely need editinng. I will post here once it is updated.


I gave it a try few days ago and got quite good results when asking chatgpt to write the wiki article. But this was all playing around, nothing serious. Maybe you want to do the same when doing it, just my 2 cents.

hey I wrote a draft too! either everyone or no one :slight_smile:
I also started from gpt but there were some hallucinations.
In th end I came up with this

let me know what you think. we can start from this or if @negative_development or @AarrrBee or @rama have something better, feel free


hey @negative_development, I don’t want to push, I just want to know if you had something ready, if I should wait or if I can proceed with the document shared in the previous post.
Let me know, if you want to proceed with yours it’s not a problem… I just want to make sure we don’t unnecessarily do the same job twice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why don’t you go ahead? I am betting mine is probably pretty close to your draft. Have at and then we’ll have a go at editing!


Make sure you have as many sources as possible.
It’s been a while since the original source list was made, there has to be more now so please look for them!

I added the draft here Draft:Defold - Wikipedia, in theory you should see it and be able to edit it.
now, as @Pkeod rightly says there’s the boring part of putting in as many references as possible.


Thank you @ekt for starting the page. I ended up going down the rabbit hole of Wiki editing and made the following edits (your original work is still left in the comments), but only to the intro and features sections:

  • Placed the “features” section before the “history” section
  • Edited some language that could seem subjective
  • Started a WikiData page for Defold so the data can be consolidated in one place


  • Organize all links into a single table
  • Take a look at other sections + collect more sources

good job! I think the discussion can continue in the Talk of the page so as not to pollute this forum. I hope @Pavel wants to be involved too because I consider him the encyclopedist of defold :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is great! Thank you for getting the page this far! What is the next step?

I think we can try submit. we can make it perfect even afterwards. there is an ongoing discussion on direct links to games that wikipedia might not like because of advertising. I would try to put them as references and then submit

There’s advice at the top of the page to ensure the article complies with core content policies
One thing that it might fail on is lack of citations. There are some, but maybe not enough.

That would be awesome to publish something now when people are looking for the info about Defold and read about King instead: King (company) - Wikipedia
(I’ve already got a couple of messages about it)


I added a few more references and removed some overly enthusiastic wording. I’m not very convinced of the fluency of the very first paragraph (which is the first thing one reads).
also I think it could be better expanded on some unique concepts of defold (but maybe I’m being a fan boy here)
in any case, if I don’t see any suggestions, I’ll proceed with the submission in the next few hours


agree. with the ongoing shitshow it’s worth rushing it out :slight_smile: