Hearthstone like slashing effect


slash.zip (342.7 KB)

Idea via https://twitter.com/ampgamedev

I’m not sure why the slash3 is right in editor but not in engine? Seems like I should not need to flip z like I did with slash2.


@jhonny.goransson could you check this example for the discrepancy between editor and engine when you can?


Yeah sure, meant to look at it yesterday but forgot!


Found an inconsistency (or at least something interesting):

  • Setting the scale programmatically in a script with go.set_scale(vmath.vector3(1,-1,1), “/slash3”) gives me an error: “Vector passed to go.set_scale contains components that are below or equal to zero”
  • Setting the scale programmatically on the sprite component with go.set("/slash3#sprite", “scale.y”, -1) works as expected…

So yeah, something is up :slight_smile:


Scaling below <=0 can be done for graphics, but is disastrous for physics. So that’s why it’s usually disallowed on a “generic” level.


Ah yes, that’s true… Well, in that case perhaps the editor behaviour should be synced with the engine and disallow negative scale for gos, or alternatively allow negative scale but at least produce a warning so you would have some kind of feedback.


Negative scales are useful in the application such as flipping a sprite left/right/top/down so please find a way to make that still work!