Have you joined the Global Game Jam this year? What is your project? 😀

This year I joined for the first time a game jam!
It was very amazing! :smiley:

This year theme was “Lost and Found”, and this is the game that we delivered.

It is not polished and not so well balanced… It was not easy to make everything in 48 hours! Also almost all of us were at the first Jam!
Anyway, I’m happy for the quite nice result! :upside_down_face:

The game is not made with Defold because I didn’t propose myself as a programmer (I have only like 6 months of experience in game development) and so the other team members have chosen Unity.

Instead I was more confident to propose myself as a Composer / Sound Designer!
This is the main theme of the game:

For the music I recorded myself on a midi controller, then I quantitized all notes :sweat_smile: and I have tweaked some note velocity. The piano has only a long reverb and also I flipped horizontally the melody and I playback the recording on reverse for reach this “nostalgic” effect. There are also some soft strings in the background.

I also took care of the AudioManager in game.
The idea was to gradually switch from 5 states of emotions of the ghost during the game. I achieved this making 5 seamless loop… all loop starts toghether for keep everything in sync, and then I gradually fade in/out during the game adding or removing emphasis on certain emotion.

For sound effects I recorded some sound from some papers touching each other with my microphone and then I removed background noise and equalized everything through the very good “Edison” built-in FL Studio plugin.

What are instead, your submitted projects?
Have you tried to made something that was challenging or new for you?
How was the overall experience? :slight_smile:

P.S. Yes, if you try the game the last sentence is in italian… it says “Thank you for listen to my melody for the last time. Now I can reast in peace.”