"Hardware" Controller


Hey all,

I figured I’d post this in Showcases instead of Dev Diaries even though it’s not finished, since I don’t really ever plan on “finishing” it, but thought some of you might think it’s cool and maybe inspire you to think about Defold outside of the box of just games. While I’m sure there are way more efficient ways to program an app like this than by using a game engine, lua/defold is really the only thing I know code-wise, so I went for it!

Basically it is a TCP-based control interface for windows/mac for the Allen&Heath “Qu” series digital mixers.

(On my phone…can’t manage to get an embed link for the video…hopefully this still works?..)



Wow! Really cool! :smiley:

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That is pretty damn cool!

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it’s not quite as hard as it first seems since there IS a published TCP/MIDI protocol document for the mixer: https://www.allen-heath.com/media/Qu_MIDI_Protocol_V1.9.pdf

It’s just really a matter of capturing the data stream coming in and parsing it into commands. I was pretty impressed with myself though :grin:



Haha, this is awesome!! :smiley:

I guess now you should make a game where you use it as an input.

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Haha, I thought about that. Problem is the mixer I have at home is the fader-less version:

Not actually the one shown in the video. Any game controlled from a hardware mixer would certainly be better using the faders and not by digging through menus on a 4" touchscreen to choose a control and then manipulate it with the 1 available encoder. Haha. Oh well!



What do you normally use the mixer for? Are you creating music? DJ-ing?



I’m a musician/songwriter in my spare time, I guess. Technically trained as a studio “engineer” but don’t really put it to much use lately, unfortunately. My fulltime gig is actually as technical support for the Allen&Heath distributor in the US (though from Canada…) So by the time I’m done working for the day I don’t have much patience left for audio-related pursuits :joy: