Happy Holidays from the Defold Team


Hello everyone!

Most of us will be away on holidays next week, so there might be a decreased reply rate from the Defold team. :slight_smile: Thanks for a great year, we are certain 2017 will also be an awesome year for Defold and its users!

:christmas_tree::santa: Happy holiday wishes from the team! :christmas_tree::santa:


Happy Holidays to you guys too. :gift:


Thanks to all of you guys!

We appreciate your effort very much and we wish you the best for the coming 2017 and more! :pray:

You rock! :thumbsup:




Happy Christmas everyone! Get some friends and start a snowfight!



Haha awesome game @britzl! :smiley: Merry Christmas!


Happy Christmas everyone!


Happy holidays everyone! I have had a wonderful day with my family in the UK (in fact my mum just told me that King actual comes from the same small region of England as we do!)


Happy Christmas Defold Team, great job, support and forum!


Happy Holidays!!!
:evergreen_tree: -> :christmas_tree: