Hello fellow developers! Summer has come to an end and we’re moving into October in just a couple of days. For us living in the dark north it really marks the beginning of a period of less and less daylight and an almost perpetual darkness. But it’s not all doom and gloom though! October also means Hacktoberfest, the chance to contribute to open source projects and get a limited edition t-shirt as a bonus! So why don’t you pick a couple of open source projects and make some contributions! There’s plenty of Defold projects that could use some love:

extension-camera - There’s a dev/android branch that works but is slow. Or why not add support for more platforms?
defold-gyro - More platforms!
DefOs - There’s a dev/removeffi branch where the FFI support has been removed and replaced with native windows code. There’s however an issue described by @ross.grams here. Why not fix it?
extension-videoplayer - More platforms. Audio support?
gooey - Why not contribute a new theme to Gooey?

Hopefully we’ll have native extension support for Linux soon and that would open up a lot of possibilities to add Linux support for several of our native extensions.


Bumping this thread…

Another thing people could help doing is contacting people who have made resources for Defold before and ask them to put them up on the asset portal.