Guide how to turn VSCode into Defold IDE with debugger

Hi there!

I prepared some setup of VSCode settings with scripts that allow you to develop Defold games with useful features:

  • Syntax highlighting and linting.
  • Powerful IntelliSense (standard lua, Defold API, libraries, project code).
  • Building and launching the game from VSCode.
  • Debugging with breakpoints, call stacks, stepping, inspecting and evaluating.

This allows you not to use Defold Editor all the time if you are working only with the code at the moment.

Actually there isn’t much of my work here, I just put it all together and tweaked it somewhere to make it work.

Hope this helps someone. Any feedback or contribution are welcome.


Updated the repo. Added the platform selection for bundling and the ability to specify additional parameters in .vscode/ such as email, auth, mobileprovisioning, bundle-format, etc.




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