GUI animate callback question (Issue-3124) (DEF-3949) (SOLVED)


Hi, sorry for bad english,

When animation on node with gui.animate starts and callback function sets, next before animation completes calling gui.cancel_animation() for this node or starts another animation with same anim property as first animation - in profiler Lua.Refs increase and never decrease. If we execute this test without callback function Lua.Refs - stays same and everything’s ok.
Same test with go.animate releases Lua.Refs as expected.

I think ref to callback function not released with gui.animate.

Question - is it normal behavior or bug? Correct me if my test have errors and I work with animations wrong.
Editor version: 1.2.155, Channel: editor-alpha

atach simple demo - one click - start animation, next click stop animation if playing.
clicking increases Lua.Refs and never decrease (7.1 KB)



I think we’ve investigated and fixed a similar issue recently. @jhonny.goransson?



Yes, particlefx had similar issues. Let’s take a look next week :+1:

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This has already been reported as Issue-3124 (old JIRA is DEF-3949)



Solved in 1.2.157 Defold 1.2.157 has been released

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