Grading tutorial is out of date


The tutorial at this location: is out of date.

It mentions usage of “render.enable_render_target” and “render.disable_render_target” however these no longer exist. However, I do see[options] as an option. I tried following the tutorial up to the point of creating a grayscale filter effect however I only see a black screen (with my HUD elements drawing over it.) I am using set_render_target and render.set_render_target(render.RENDER_TARGET_DEFAULT) to return to the framebuffer instead of the enable/disable functions mentioned.



@pawel.jarosz21 ever do the PR mentioned here? Render.enable_render_target() seems to not work (and is not in the API)



Thanks, I’ve downloaded the project mentioned and can observe the proper behavior there. I’ll try to learn from it.

EDIT: I checked the tutorial but I’m not sure this method is compatible with rendercam. I still get a black screen.



No, I didn’t made a PR here, however, @britzl said:

Did you find out who was making it?



No idea. And the Slack history has long forgotten it :slight_smile:

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