Good Morning, AI

Hi there!

We at Critique Gaming are pleased to announce our new game! It’s essentially a VN with a tower defence-like mini-game. You’re the educator of a general AI, built to autonomously govern the city of Amsterdam, responsible for its moral and cultural parameters.

Steam Page:

And trailer:

A wishlist and/or signal-boosting would be greatly appreciated! :heart:


Looks very interesting, added to the wishlist!

But what about Domains of Dusk? Are you making two games at the same time now?

Hi there! We just released the Demo of Good Morning AI on Steam for Next Fest!

A tale of tomorrow full of very hard questions, deciding the fates of thousands in 2064’s Amsterdam as you educate its next AI mayor.

We’d be honored to receive your wishlist (and maybe a download). We’ll also have a Stream on Steam tomorrow morning at 12:00 CET (view counts help us).

Gameplay vid:


Sorry @astrochili, forgot to answer. We ran into some funding issues with DoD. It’s still a project we’d really like to do, but we’re now focusing on GMAI (for which we got an EU grant).