Good Hamster — Dead Hamster (Ludum Dare 41 submission)


A mix of cellular automaton fun and strategy.

Hamsters are born to eat, to sleep and to die. Build your hamster squad that can exterminate other hamster squads!

Complete eight campaign levels to unlock survival mode with randomly generated levels.

Play it with sound turned on! :slight_smile:

It was really fun to participate in Ludum Dare, it was our first game jam. I think that the game we made is pretty fun. I wonder if we should continue to develop it? What do you think?

And if you’re also a LD41 participant, please, rate our game! We’ll do the same :slight_smile:


That’s cool! I like the organic bacteria/amoeba like feeling of the hamsters. Is there some in-game control once you’ve started a level? Perhaps the once-per-level ability to drop more hamsters into the action or nuke enemy hamsters.


Thank you! No, there are no in-game controls now. I was thinking about that, but haven’t come up with any nice ideas myself. Any ideas are welcome! I also want to add terrain changes like:

  • when hamsters eat grass, it disappears after some time (they already eat it to restore HP, but it’s infinite. And actually there’s a funny bug I decided to keep for now — there’s no upper limit to HP when they eat! So a hamster that stays on the grass for quite a long time becomes almost immune to attacks, you need to attack it faster than it restores its HP)
  • water start to expand (hamsters can’t swim and they lose HP in water).