Ghosts and Apples - featuring Jack Redrum

Hi there!

Great news!!!

Our game Ghosts and Apples - featuring Jack Redrum has been approved by Nintendo and will be released on Switch the 29-th of October! It is published by 7 Raven Studios.

Here is the trailer: Ghosts and Apples Official Trailer - YouTube
And here is our PR Twitter account: annamar_ia

Please take a look and help us to get some visibility for the game!



This game really got me off guard. At first it tends to be somewhat overpowering for more youthful players yet after only a couple of moments little man sorted it out and had the option to play with me two or three hours and live it up. However, for more seasoned players the game ought to be generally easy to get.

The controls - are straightforward and comprise of only a couple of buttons to recall.

The illustrations - are brilliant and bright, truly ideal to check out in addition to the imaginative style was incredible.

The story - is amusing and connecting enough to keep you intrigued, actually the questions and sonnets are fabulous.

The gameplay - is misleading testing after the primary a few phases. It’s shockingly habit-forming as well. I truly appreciate playing each two or three days with my child!

By and large, I think this is an incredible game, and on top of that, the engineers are apparently truly pleasant individuals. Definitely worth a play-through in addition to multiplayer is consistently extraordinary!