Get mobile keyboard with html5 (DEF-3503)


Any updates on this? Was hoping WASM changed things for mobile but it still doesn’t work.

I tried the on screen keyboard but unfortunately it’s been our most voiced concerns from QA, since we require user input a couple of times and game is mostly played on mobile browsers.

I tried adding a Custom Virtual Keyboard that inserts user input to a hidden field in index.html then polling that field every 0 seconds via but it’s buggy and simply isn’t a replacement for the native mobile keyboard.

Kindly assist.



We don’t have an update for this I’m afraid. I did however play around with this a bit during the weekend. On HTML5 it’s possible to at run-time create an input field and give that focus to bring up the native virtual keyboard. You can then poll for input in the text field and forward the input to your Lua code.

DEMO: (click on the Keyboard button to test)

Note: I wasn’t able to get the native keyboard to show when the canvas was fullscreen though. Not sure if that is possible to be honest.



@britzl Thanks for the code. It works great on Android but doesn’t seem to respond on iOS most of the time. Any ideas?



I only tested on Android. The keyboard.lua modul polls the keyboard very frequently to make it feel responsive, but I’m thinking that it does so too frequently:

Let me give it a try on an iOS device.

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Jeez. Safari prevents DOM elements from programmatic focus (which is what I do to show the keyboard) when the focus() call happens outside of an input event (which is the case when doing it from Defold). I’m currently stuck unless someone has a clever idea…

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Something like,

in the Asset Portal would be mighty nice. :wink:

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I’m guessing using the virtual keyboard in HTML5 on iOS is still a brick wall?



I think so. I haven’t googled for a solution since this was discussed last.

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