German speakers (and others too!) sought for testing my little app (closed)

Hello all,

before I take the next step and put my app up for closed testing on Google Play, I am looking for the opinion of folks who actually know how to make games: you!
If German speakers were interested, this would be great. I have a huge crowd of 3 British friends to test the English version, but none for the German one. None of my German friends is a gamer, so they would be rubbish testers. Of course, I am looking for testers for the English version, too.
It is a very simple game without any snazzy effects or such, the target are older people or folks that like slow games. Don’t laugh, it is a pairs game :flushed:, the first app I ever made. So, I am quite attached to it and don’t want it to live a non-played life on my hdd. I used photos for it that you might actually enjoy.
I don’t want to steal much of your time, just see if the app scales nicely on your device, if the texts are ok and if you can break the app. Of course, I will mention you in the credits.
If you are interested, please send me a p.m. and I’ll provide you with the link to the store.
Now, come forward in droves!


P.S. Forgot to add: Since this is still the internal testing track that is based on invitation only, I would need your gmail-address for this to work. But rest assured: I won’t do any mischief with it and you would know mine as well, and my address, and my full name.
If you are interested but uncomfortable with the internal track - which is totally understandable - you could still send me a p.m. if you like, so I could take a note and inform you once the closed track is open. Then up to 100 people can download the app like any other without explicit invitation.


A big thank you to @britzl for testing my app. And to @rama who offered to - maybe it works next time!

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