GB Rausers - GB Jam #5


The Game Boy themed game jam GB Jam #5 ended this morning. I had great plans as always, but I was yet again owned by real life stuff… My idea was to create a game inspired by Luftrausers since it’s minimalist aesthetics and intense game play would work well in a Game Boy game.

Anyway, here’s an improved HTML5 version of the game:
And here’s the source code:
And the original submission version:


This is nice and I really love the original :slight_smile:

Thanks for the source too.


Hi, I actually went and tried this game, it works well on HTML5 but on Windows it just quickly skips everything, may I know whats causing this?..


Hmm, no idea really. What happens on windows exactly?

Old game and quick and dirty code. Probably a dependency that isn’t locked down. I can take a look tomorrow perhaps.


I’m not sure, but it just go extremely quick , in split seconds… It can load to the starting screen, but after I start the actual game I think it didn’t even manage to register the “up” button and it just went down,died and looped to the start screen again.


Check the variable dt setting in game.project


Its unticked, I tried ticking but still same