Game hangs when run from editor

Not sure about this one. When running my game from the editor, the game window appears as expected but is just black and Windows says it’s stopped responding. Running the game a second time usually works.

Build log file is attached.

log.txt (26.8 KB)

EDIT: seems to be okay now. Not sure what changed.

Is it still working?

Sadly not. Sometimes works sometimes freezes still. Running a second time is usually successful though.

Ok, I think this is related to the new profiler. Same issue as this:


Updated to: INFO:ENGINE: Defold Engine 1.3.4 (80b1b73)

Getting this issue except every time I build (control+B)
dmengine non responsive. Tried to allow Remotery with firewall etc. did not help. I will keep an eye on the github issue for now.