Fullscreen scaling


I use “Fit projection” in my game by using:

msg.post("@render:", “use_fixed_fit_projection”)

And after launching the game in “window-mode” - it scales fine - even runtime scaling is great:

But when I check “Fullscreen” in project settings

The scaling goes mad:

Yes, the game is in fullscreen mode on my laptop, but it didn’t scale properly. When I print render.get_window_width() / render.get_window_height() values - they seemed wrong.
I don’t know how to resize my game to fullscreen mode. Could you please check it?



That does indeed look strange! We have an issue to change to windowed fullscreen mode: https://github.com/defold/defold/issues/4752. Windowed fullscreen mode is a lot better and what we want. In the meantime I think you should be able to use DefOS instead.