I’ve been working on a simplified Real-Time-Strategy game for about 7 months now, and I’ve finally gotten a Free Demo out on with the first of level available to the player.

The game follows a tug-of-war style of combat, with groups of units fighting in lanes to reach and attack the opponent’s castle. concepts like worker harassment, scouting, unit micro and tech trees have been removed; you have workers that gather resources, and you use those resources to either build units, or upgrade a population count to build more Army/Economic units.

Abilities (charged as the player gathers income, loses friendly units, and kills enemy units) allow the player to effect the battle in different ways, such as a health boost to units, a shield to block incoming attacks, or the ability to steal resources from an opponent.

Beating levels unlocks the opponents units and ability to use in future battles, letting you play around with tons of different combinations; silly, efficient, or downright broken.

The full game will feature 5 different levels, with 5 unique sets of Units and Abilities to play around with.



Its a very nice game… I like games where u control armies and mine…a bit like the original warcraft…but 2d.
Some feedback…
Would like to have a way to remind my self of what the different soldiers are once playing… so on screen text “archer” etc… Maybe if I hold my mouse over a character ?
Also I found myself wanting to click on the lanes to choose them… But I found that you have key shortcuts which is good.

Seems like it could be quite addictive… I got annihilated by the computer on my first go … left me wanting more.

I will have another go tomorrow. :grinning:

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