French Translation

Hey everyone!
I’m interested in translating your documentation in French. I’m new here, I noticed that the little “fr” is not around. Since it is my native language, I was thinking, why not?

But It is my first time doing a collaborative work on Github. So here’re my questions:
Can I ? :thinking: (I started already). If yes, do you need something for me to prove that my French is correct?

I forked the documentation, it means I also have the other languages included with my fr folder, right? So there’s no problem once I “pull requests”?

If I make a word-for-word translation, some sentences may sound weird and unnatural in French, so I try to translate in a natural way, the sentences may be different but still have the same meaning, is it fine?

I see that the other languages are not done translating everything yet, when can I “pull requests”? Do you need specific files first?

In the, you have {.left} next to each pic, I don’t know what is it?

And finally, if you say no, it is fine don’t worry, I’ll not be upset x)


We’ll ask someone to review a few of the files, but overall we trust our community and those helping to translate the documentation.

No that’s fine.

Yes, that makes sense!

You can leave those (or remove them).

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Thank you for your answer Britzl! Okay then I’ll try to translate and send 2-3 pages per day :slight_smile: