Freely available particle examples


I have been learning Defold for just over a week and whilst I havent exhaustively searched the site I didn’t see a huge number of example particles on the site. I wondered if people would like to post some examples here… ?

I created a smoke trail for a game I am working on and post it here… to start the ball rolling. (15.3 KB)

This effect is quite ordinary… but when layered with another flame animation it looks good (I hope ) in my game :-).





I think this is a great idea. I’d like to see a library of particle fx examples that people can use, either as is, or copy and modify. I think I remember @Pkeod working on something like this?



Before I was here I was using CoronaSDK (now Solar2D) which I found to be quite inferior to Defold.
I did purchase the particle candy system for use with CoronaSDK… it comes with sources.
I used it as inspiration for an big explosion effect which I use in my game.

I cannot of course post the fire effects that come with the package so I downloaded some free ones from … They are listed as creative commons license. I include them here along with the defold particle effect… they look to be honest nearly as good anyway.


Hopefully the picture does it justice… looks rather nice when its animating (260.7 KB)

If you improve it I would like to see that :slight_smile: