Fork vs Monzie (TV Game Jam)



Hi everybody just a note to let you know about a little thing I’ve done for TV Game Jam using Defold, called Fork vs Monzie

This low-res, pixel art game is based on “My favorite Orkan” Happy Days episode, and take the action inside Arnold’s, where you (as Mork, called Fork in the game) try to force Richie out of the building to take him with you on your home planet.

A mix between a brawler game and a action-tactical one because you have two weapons (a freezing ray, and a control one - that lets you move around the other characters, and with whom you’re supposed to extract Richie from Arnold’s) but you can’t hurt/kill the other players (that instead can hit you). A short game to play that I hope can be fun.
That, even if I’m aware that’s a bit hard to play I think (it gets chaotic quite soon - but it’s possible to win, and your score depends on how fast you do that)

I’ll make it visible even on the Game Community section as soon as jam voting period is over - so for now (if you’re curious) you can check it only on

About the developing session: I’ve got a small framework of lua script (for gui, sounds, animations) and more or less a game template to start with (jam allowed one own code resources) so to start a project with Defold gets easier every time - and well it was already very easy from the start.
And I love DefOS, really love your html5 remote building (that let me code till late, sync, and test the game the following day on my office computer without the need to have there the engine). I love also the fact that builds are small enough - compared to most other engines - so that upload time is small even on a slow line as it is mine.
And yes I love the great changes you did in time also for Windows executables (even if I don’t always need them now I’m happy to see Steam as a choice for future bigger projects)

In case you wonder, yes, as for The Child of the Hill House I keep using Defold in a hybrid way - I mean I’m using Aseprite for gfx and animations, and now I have a tool to generate atlas from ase files - I’m using Tiled to create “wiser” tilemaps with objects and attributes (because it’s easy to read json files with your engine - and so it’s easy to populate tilemap on the run) - I’m using notepad (that’s a better editor than Defold’s for certain things) to edit non lua scripts (as the one I created for the animated intro of the game) because even “overscripting” is quite simple to do in lua

Using so many programs It’s a bit messy but I don’t think this is wrong - I mean I’m happy to be able to choose the tools I want - and see how easy is their interaction with your game engine.

And playing Jams with your engine let me do last-minute changes with fewer worries than before

Anyway - sorry for this long post - I mean I really love your engine and I wanted to show you what I’m doing with it
Thanks for your hard work - I really really appreciate it


This is amazing! Well done!


thanks :slight_smile: