FooBard an adventure game


Progress Report:

Well I have my player and a mob that will follow, look around, attack when in range and patrol at random when the player is outside spotting distance. Attack of course does nothing but play the attack animation.

Back story:

I actually did this decades ago with a Borland C compiler. I recall I had drawn out the images on graph paper, then the program would “draw lines” command to create the bitmap, then save it in a buffer, then move to the next image. Then it worked, I had a couple of mobs that would chase my stickman around until he suffered a couple different death animations. I found the code somewhere and realised I had no idea what I had done, or what malloc was. I needed an idea for a personal DEFOLD project and here it is.


not got one yet. Eventually I’ll throw a goofy hat on the player and it can be a traveling bard. I plan to use hand drawn sprites throughout.


Tiled? maybe
vscode (for scratching out code ideas)
git (already an adventure)
git via VSTS so I can pretend to use kanban/taskboard?
DragonBones? maybe


  • next up is creating a factory for enemy fire and killing the player.
  • create a player attack - the first weapon to create will be a giant mallet, so the player can wack-a-mole the first mob.
    not entirely sure how I will “attach” the weapon.
    Might have to create larger sized sprites for the attacks.
    Might have to consider ‘Spines’.
  • figure out how to scroll map
  • create outer walls, obstacles and investigate pathfinding.


Well vscode is nice for previewing markdown. The three forums that I am most likely to visit are using discourse and markdown.

So I go to upload this crappy vid, that is after figuring out OBS a tiny bit, and youtube just shows me a NOPE when I try to drag and drop in the upload area.
Fine. Be like that.
Bing search for chrome.
BIG MESASAGE from microsoft advises…
you already got the bestest browser in the world.
Whatever . install chrome. Make default? no, piss off already. Or rather have your browser pissing contest elsewhere. I know, same old shit.

And of course because I’ve been figuring out this new 2-in-1 and other assorted stuff for a couple of weeks, I shall probably have to do some defold tutorials over as a refresher.



Love when someone comes with minimalistic visual style and nails it. Work on game content and I feel this game will be successful.
That enemy animation looks damn fluid like it was animated for cartoon.

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