FMOD native extension

Did you get it done to read and play xm files?
I’m very interested in it.

Finally had time for a bit of maintenance. Updated FMOD to 2.01.07. I tested this as well as I could, but please let me know if something’s not right.


Hi everyone!
So I’m having some troubles with getting the extension working in Defold… I’ve entered the dependency URI and fmod is now in my project, but I’m not sure exactly how can I play fmod exports or importing banks or anything into Defold…
Does anyone have a manual or a tutorial by any chance?

Have you seen the documentation on this page?

Yes… I was able to add the dependency and I saw it in Defold, but except that I couldn’t understand how to import audio from fmod to defold, playing masters or banks or anything… I tried once working with the fmod sdk in unity and it worked but here is a bit diffrent and I can’t tell exactly what to do

I unfortunately don’t have experience using FMOD myself, but this example script does reference importing banks for example:

If that’s not helpful then perhaps someone else can assist.

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Hi! Are you getting an error? Or where are you otherwise stuck? Have you read the Readme in its entirety? There’s a bit of extra setup that you have to do compared to most Defold extensions.

Hi! yes I’ve read it all and… I’m not getting any errors because I didn’t succeeded understanding the rest of the progress after adding the dependency… I guess I’m indeed not suer what are the extra setup that needs to be made…
If you can bane elaborate a bit about setting the speaker mode step (I’m not sure how can I create an fmod section in your game.project) and also how to run it in the editor, that would be amazing!
I guess I’m not quite understand what should I do with exports from fmod after adding the dependency so every help with this will defiantly assist me a lot!

Open the game.project as text, and add a section like this:

some_variable = hello
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Thanks for clarifying it!
I’m pretty new to defold and still learning some stuff :sweat_smile:


And another small question will be, what exactly should I export or build from FMOD and what (and how) should I import it to Defold? I’m sorry for all of my beginners questions :sweat_smile: As I said, I;m new to Defold and haven’t understood the entire flow yet :slight_smile:

You need to export the sound banks from the FMOD software. And these sound banks need to be included into your Defold project, like specified in the instructions here:

Note that the instructions mention bundle_resourceswhich refers to this folder: Defold project settings

Thanks for the valuable info!
Do you also know by any chance if it’s better to use Fmod for better performance and to reduce build size, rather then just using regular ogg files? This is the main things I’m trying to reach

Hard to answer that question.
What are your requirements for sound(s)?

FMod is a fairly advanced system which caters for more advanced requirements.

We have basic sound support.

As for engine size, you’d have to compare two versions.

I understand. Thanks once again.
I think that before getting dip into it, I should think a bit more if it is worth the time an the moment.

My strong recommendation is to start simple and use .ogg and .wav and only move to FMOD later on in your project, if at all!

Also, to help with a possible future transition from the internal sound system in Defold to FMOD you can wrap all sound interaction into either a Lua module or a global function. This way you only need to change in one place to go from playing .ogg/.wav files to FMOD sounds.