FMOD native extension

I think the last editor update broke my “running in editor” detection for loading the DLLs (because build/x86-64-darwin was renamed to build/x86_64-osx). I released an update fixing this:

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Was this changed? @inactive-vilse and @Mathias_Westerdahl

We shouldn’t have changed anything afaik.

Bob.jar and Editor 2 does output the files into different folders though, but that has been the case from the start

I don’t think this has changed, at least not recently. It might be a bit of confusion that the engine build etc uses the ‘darwin’ tag but the extender platforms in editor2 has been named ‘osx’ a long while as far as I can tell.

After this update extension no longer working on macos.

WARNING:fmod: dlopen(/Users/.../defold-fmod-master/build/x86_64-darwin/libfmod.dylib, 10): image not found
WARNING:fmod: dlopen(/Users/.../defold-fmod-master/build/x86_64-darwin/libfmodstudio.dylib, 10): image not found
WARNING:fmod: FMOD libraries could not be loaded. FMOD will be disabled for this session

Previously it working fine on 1.2.144.

Still working on Windows (I updated recently but there may still be another update that I have not got yet).

Are you using Defold FMOD v1.0.2 on the latest editor? This is exactly what I solved in 1.0.2.

This is the dependency URL:

I open and run project from zip on github. Editor 1.2.144.
“master” is not 1.0.2?

It is, but I updated master 2 hours ago. Make sure you pulled the latest version.

macOS 10.13.6. Defold Editor 1.2.144 8def4b50c9aa049670e698d7dff3dc00d77e42d5
Run from editor (Project -> Build).
Defold FMOD 1.0.2 — Not working.
Defold FMOD 1.0.1 — Working.

I’m on the alpha editor channel, where it’s osx instead of darwin. You’re probably on the stable version where, according to the log you gave me, it is indeed darwin. Ok. I’ll put the work in and make it backwards compatible, then

I think I really fixed it now. Try:


So that’s the thing!
Now it works again. Thank you very much.


Made a new release, updating FMOD to 1.10.11 and fixing the iOS build on Defold 1.2.147 (it’s now compiled on iOS 12 SDK):


A new release fixing SteamOS builds and adding iOS Simulator support:


I finally managed the time to rewrite the whole thing. I wrote a parser for the FMOD headers, which means most APIs, including FMOD Core APIs are now exposed. You’re no longer limited to only using Studio.

As I probably said before, the API surface is huge, so I cannot thoroughly test if all the functions were generated correctly. So if any issues arise, please report them on GitHub.

P.S: Also Android ARM64 support

P.P.S: Also added fmod.get_bundle_root() to get the path to bundled_resources.


Small update!

I added the equality operator for class instances and structs. So you can now check stuff like event_instance:get_description() == some_event_description, or compare FMOD_GUID and other structs.

I also deprecated fmod.get_bundle_root(), now that we have sys.get_application_path(). I haven’t removed it, but using it issues a console warning and it will be removed in a future release.


And a fix for a crash on iOS when receiving a phone call


Oh wow! That’s really great news!