Flames: Your Stories to Tell

Hello everyone!

It’s time to share our first game with you.

“Flames: Your Stories to Tell” is a mobile game in the romantic visual novel genre.

It is available on the App Store and Google Play.


First of all, a big thank you to Defold team for this amazing engine, which allowed us to implement what we had in mind without any problems and to build the application on two mobile platforms with one click, without any modifications.
Special thanks to you for the new liveupdate functionality, it came out just in time :slight_smile:

I would also like to thank @AGulev for popularising the engine on youtube (that’s how I found out about Defold) and also for his invaluable help to the whole community in the Telegram channel.

Extensions that I use:

  1. Druid by @Insality
  2. Rendercam by @ross.grams
  3. Defsave by @Pkeod
  4. Clipboard and defold-input by @britzl
  5. Defarc as base by @Pawel

Also next extensions by Defold with comunity support: Spine, iap, siwa, review, gpgs, facebook, ironsource.

Thank you all!


So nice!

This is a big plus of Defold, really :heartpulse:

What is the new functionality here? I think Live Update was here since quite a lot of time! :smiley:

I’m glad it was helpful! I’m updating it a bit recently - did you have any issues with it? Or do you have any improvement suggestions? :wink:


Congrats on the release! Well done!

@AGulev is one of a kind. We couldn’t wish for a better colleague and friend! :heart:


We recently changed the way the live update content is created and subsequently loaded in the engine. We previously had a very complicated system for validating and adding additional resources. It was hard to work with from a developer’s standpoint and hard to maintain for us. The new system excludes content and let’s the developer mount one or more zip archives with new or updated resources that can be used from within the engine. It is much simpler. We currently always generate a single archive with excluded content, but have plans to let the developer decide how to split excluded content into multiple archives to better facilitate splitting of content into episodes/levels/seasonal themes etc.


Thank you! Your developments have been extremely useful, I have used the extension as a base and modified it to suit the needs of the game. Unfortunately, they are very situational and I have nothing to offer at the moment. :pensive: