Firebase or other Backend service support

I was wondering If there is a plan to support Firebase or other kinds of a backend service for stuff like : Database-File Storage- Push Notifications-Analytics…etc.

On the same note, what about Ad Support, and what ad networks are supported by Defold?

I’ve been interested in adding support for Defold to Nakama server for some time. It includes lots and lots of gameplay features for all kinds of different live games and you can extend the server with custom code written in Lua. I’m biased (as one of the lead developers on the server) but believe it’s a great fit for a Defold game developer.

The latest release of the game server on Monday next week adds compatibility changes to our client/server protocol (JSON support) as well as the current protobuf3 API. This should give me all I need to build a client for Defold :slight_smile: . I’ll try to keep some development notes here as I progress.





Also some SDKs are supporting through Enhance:


@Abdou23 If you would like to manage your game, take a look at

Please check our asset portal for several different engine extensions. Some, like PlayFab and FGL are not yet represented there though.

Do you have some news about Nakama client SDK for Defold?
I think Nakama exactly what I need for my social game.


Hi @AGulev So I’ve been delayed on a new Defold client again :persevere: but in the meantime if you’re feeling adventurous you could use the HTTP functions provided in the Defold SDK to execute against Nakama server and create your own mini client.

The fastest way to start with the latest version of the server is to use this Docker compose file.

docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.yml start

Then have a look at the latest version of our JavaScript client which implements the HTTP API. Let me know if you have any questions on how to use the API. We also have an openapi specification if it helps.


I’d generate the code from this! Should be fairly easy to get a simple client up and running.


Wow! It would be amazing!
I think it may be interesting for @dragosha too


@britzl That would be awesome. We’ve built a code generator for the JavaScript client which uses the openapi specification which you can use if it’d help.


Yep, it will be super cool to try Nakama server as backend for “Look, your loot!”. Now this can be usefull for players progress + leaderboards and in futher for multiplayer mode.


An update for you. Nakama 2 official release is out! Yay! :tada:

I should have time to work on a client with the code generator in the next few weeks. A few questions on the latest state of things for HTTP, JSON, and WebSockets with Defold:

  • Is it possible to use plain old LuaSocket for HTTP and WebSockets within Defold engine?
  • What is the most commonly used / preferred JSON library chosen by Defold engineers?
  1. Yes this is exactly what Gamesparks does for Defold. Works great.
    Only problem we have had is that the socket solution isn’t fully IPv6 compatible and needs some extra lua-love when connecting to fully work.
    Edit: Check this forum thread for more info: Colyseus - Multiplayer Game Client & Server

  2. I use David Kolf’s JSON module for Lua 5.1/5.2. Haven’t had any problem with it.


I usually pick the JSON encode from rxi-json ( And use the built in json.decode() for decoding.

For websockets I recommend Defold-websocket from the Asset Portal.


Any update on this? Nakama looks interesting, but there doesn’t seem to be any documentation how to use with Defold. Has anyone been successful?

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On what specifically? There’s Colyseus for Defold. Also PlayFab. And GameSparks.

What do you need specifically for your project?

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I was hoping for some sample code integration with Defold using Nakama server.

I’m currently using Colyseus, it works fine with my mobile and web builds so far. However, eventually I need leaderboards etc so I’m looking for other alternatives that already have these built-in so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I’ll take a look at PlayFab and GameSparks. Thanks!


Hey @GreenArrow. Yet again I’ve fallen behind on the plans for an official Defold client. What I can say is that we have a REST API which is pretty straightforward to use. It’s got a Swagger spec here:

That gives you full access to all the game server APIs which aren’t on the socket.


Any update on this?