“Find the pair” Dev Log

“Find the pair” Dev log #1

I’m currently working on a “find the pair” puzzle game. My goal is to learn all steps from idea to release. I’ve been working a idle project for a while, but I decided to switch to a project with a smaller scope to finish something much faster.

I began this project by creating a tile editor . I’ve added the minimum functionality needed to start creating levels for this project. The editor exports the coordinate grid in Json format, which I then use in the main project. Creating an editor is time consuming, but it gives creativity freedom. Additionally, I’m planing to continue working on projects with a hexagonal grid, so it should help me a lot in the future.

Recently, I’ve finished gameplay mechanics, added simple UI and flip animation. Right now I start working on graphic design. I like b/w design, but I believe colored game will be more attractive for players. I expect to finish prototype very soon.

Dev log with materials