Feat - Track Stats & Unlock Achievements


This is really only useful right now if you are releasing a game on Steam and have not made a stat/achievement system yet. I want to make it work with iOS/Android achievements in the future. For now, check the example and source to see how it works.

  • Uses DefSave for easy saving / loading
  • Uses DefSteam for Steamworks features
  • Auto-unlock on Steam
  • Track stats over multiple sessions
  • Link achievements to stats so they auto-unlock when stats are high enough
  • Obfuscates data so it’s harder to edit, key based xor optional


Damn, really nice work! :smiley:

(Also, huge gold star :star2: for all the beautiful splash/header graphics you keep doing for all your community projects! :slight_smile: )



It is fascinating that ppl use Defold for desktop games (where battery, app size and efficiency are not that important). Guess people just <3 Defold :stuck_out_tongue:



Add Steamworks friend list based leaderboard helper features.

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Cross-platform is super important.

(Efficiency is important on laptops too, which might be on battery, or have to run loud fans if you use too much CPU.)