Failed to generate bitmap from Font. Wrong number of args (1) passed to: core/ex-info


Hey, trying to make use of an asian font but it can’t generate the bitmap for it. Is it something wrong on my part, or the engine?

You can use this font to try it:


Yeah, I get that too. It looks like it’s an editor bug but it has to be investigated. Thanks for reporting this!


Please see reply in issue link.


Thank you @Erik_Angelin, does this mean that the bug most likely won’t be fixed for a while? Or perhaps ever?


Hi @james1! Well, it’s not a priority for now, there is just too much other urgent things to work on. We do want to update to a newer jdk soon-ish, and from the bug report I linked to it seems like this might have been fixed. If you really can’t work around this issue by converting/flattening the font, contact us and we’ll see what can be done.