"Failed to create / initialize EGL display"? Can't open anything in project (SOLVED)


When I attempt to open any collection / GUI file or anything that draws things, I’m getting the following error:

Could not open the editor: Failed to created/initialize EGL display incl. fallback default: native 0x0, error 0x3008/0x300c

Here’s a screenshot:

I’m using the Linux 64-bit version with Ubuntu 16.04

Doing “Build and Launch” on the project works fine (the game launches) and other openGL apps on my system also work fine.


Are you starting Defold using the provided .sh script? @jakob.pogulis, any ideas?


Hello @jeevan!

I believe the editor and the engine uses different graphics libraries, though I’m not sure how the requirements differ between the two. This error seems to be related to your graphics drivers, and I’m guessing that you might be using the default drivers instead of vendor-specific drivers for your graphics card?

Could you try to update your graphics drivers, and if that doesn’t work, could you provide me with some additional information about which version of OpenGL that is supported.

// Jakob


Thanks for the quick replies.

@britzl I start it using the Defold-linux.sh shell script, yes.

@jakob.pogulis I have been using vendor specific (Nvidia) drivers. I used to have Defold working till a few days ago but I think the nvidia drivers were updated recently which has caused only Defold to stop working.

Output from glxinfo:

Screenshot from Nvidia control panel:


It appears the Defold had issues with the nVidia driver version 375. I manually upgraded to a higher version of the driver (v 378) and the problem is gone! Thanks for the help.

For other Ubuntu people with this error, the command I used was:

sudo apt-get install nvidia-378 libcuda1-378


Awesome! I don’t think it’s an issue, but I’ll ping @Erik_Angelin just in case this could affect Editor 2.


“I manually upgraded to a higher version of the driver (v 378) and the problem is gone!”

Nvidia don’t have a 378 version for my graphics card.

sudo apt-get install nvidia-378 libcuda1-378


E: Unable to locate package nvidia-378
E: Unable to locate package libcuda1-378


Is there another version higher than 375 available for your graphics card?


No, 375 was the highest on the Nvidia driver site for my Geforece 750T1.


Just seeing this but try following the steps here @stephen7272:

It lets you add a PPA source that will let you install more up-to-date nvidia drivers on Ubuntu.