Faerie Solitaire Remastered


We have another solitaire game done with Defold! This one is actually the old classic version remastered. Originally FS1 was done way back with Multimedia Fusion by Clickteam which served its purpose but gives me wartime flashbacks to this day. The remastered version was originally done with Monkey which has the sad story of developer abandonment while critical issues lingered, and was the instigating force that made us begin the switch to Defold several years ago now.

The Defold conversion is done now except for the audio… originally it was setup with FMOD but we cannot use that without paying a chunk of cash that is not available to spend. And the current Defold audio situation would be a no-go to use.

What is needed:

  • Threaded audio to keep playing while engine hiccups for whatever reason including loading files
  • True async audio loading that doesn’t diminish user experience

Currently these issues have no planned commitment from Defold dev team so the release of the Defold version of this game will be in limbo until something changes.

There is the OpenAL extension which will probably be what we ultimately use. Currently it is missing ogg playback, async loading (I think), and audio streaming. I am not an expert enough to be comfortable with implementing these myself (I wish I was) but over time I will study and tinker with it if need be. :innocent:

So again this game is done, fully playable, but in limbo due to audio. Once audio is solved, the Defold version will replace the current Steam version of FSR as well as officially support macOS and Linux and get put back on iOS/Android stores. Will update this thread as things change.