Facebook Instant stretched canvas (SOLVED)


I’ve gone back to publish a Facebook Instant game for release, and, for some reason, now the canvas is stretched (it’s too tall and the black bar at the top covers part of the game) on Android. On Facebook web it’s not stretched.

Reverting to the debug version of the game works and the game isn’t stretched on Android (there have been no Lua code changes in the game at all).

I’ve tested with an the latest unedited Facebook Instant HTML template, and it’s also stretched. I’ve gone through all options; Fb Instant Stretch Canvas true/false and all HTML5 Scale Modes.





Could you share a screenshot of the problem, please?



It’s an unreleased client game, I’ll pm you!

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It seems like a problem with the old template for FBInstant. I’ll fix it today later and try to remove index.html from the plugin and replace it with the Manifest Merging Tool.



PR was merged.

Breaking changes for user:

  • remove fb_instant tag from game.project, we don’t use it anymore;
  • reset .html shell to default in game.project, HTML5 section, because now we merge everything that we need for the FBInstant native extension using Manifest Merging Tool (if you added something custom, just copy-paste default template and add your custom things);
  • read the manual about game.project settings, HTML5 section and about build for the HTML5 platform in general.


Excellent. Released version 6.0.0 of the extension.