Facebook Instant Games Content Security Policy (SOLVED)


No, that is not needed. That is for the Facebook SDK and the facebook.* namespace of functions.


I remove fb app id from game.project and errror with zynga.com disappear, but game still not start
I don’t have any ideas, it is not code bugs - i upload empty collection and same results…


Ok, that’s good!

What happens? Do you get any errors in the console? Oh wait, I see now since I have access to the game that there are no errors.

Could you add some print() lines before and after you call fbinstant.initialize() and fbinstant.startgame() (you are calling those functions right)?

If all else fails, please share the entire project (or the empty project) with me (bjorn.ritzl@king.com)


Ooops! I don’t call it!
Thanks! I am added script with call

fbinstant.initialize(function(self, success)
	fbinstant.start_game(function(self, success)
		local player_id = fbinstant.get_player().id
		local player_name = fbinstant.get_player().name
		print(player_id, player_name)

And all works!!