In collaboration with Melsoft, we’ve created the extension-poco.
Poco is a test framework that lets you automate the testing of your app.
It works for desktop and mobile.

The testing scripts are written in python and are run from the desktop.

Alpha testing

The first version is now supported by our alpha build, and we’d like to invite you to try this feature out.

Report issues in the extension-poco repo, or ask questions here.


Example app

The extension also works as an example app, and you can test it yourself after a build-and-run:

$ python3 examples/example_level1.py

This is how it will look:

Scene graph json

When running a debug version of the game, you’ll also have a new page you can access:

It returns a .json text file representing the currently loaded scene graph with all collections, gameobjects, components and gui nodes.

Scene graph traversal api

Since this feature is implemented as an extension, it means that we had to add more functions to our dmSDK. (This is an ongoing process).

Check out the growing list of api’s listed in the C api section of our documentation page.

Note: This scene graph traversal api is built for profiling in mind, and is also heavily reliant on reverse hashes. As such, this api isn’t suitable for release builds.


This is a very cool part of this feature! Imagine all the debugging and inspection tools that can be built around a live scene graph!


While looking at this yesterday I was amazed!
I’m going to try to use it to play my point and click adventure automatically to check that every puzzle is working :smiley:


That sounds like a good idea!