Export meshes from Blender, different approach

Ok, why not just collada export and build-in model support?
Idea was to export models from assets stores without any (or minimum) modification (multiple materials per mesh, hundreds of bones, empty meshes and weird shaders)

More or less it’s working :slight_smile:


Can be also an example how to:

  • read binary data in lua
  • animate with bones in vertex shader
  • normal and reflection maps

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


thanks, nice one!

but wait, an almost naked female presenting her behind and a monster with a questionable something? where is this going my friend? :crazy_face:


This is awesome. Love it.
I see you ran into runtime dynamic loading issue with the vert buffers - I did something similar with the geom generator. Complicates things a little.
Great results too. I wonder if a native-extension might be useful, then you could gen verts in C/C++ I think. Really exciting stuff.

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Yes, I’m thinking about native-extension as blend shapes are pretty slow right now.


Finally most of the code for this library was just re-written to C++ for performance.
Many thanks to @d954mas for his help and examples.