Experienced Defold developer available for work

Hi All,

My name is Ross Grams. I am a veteran Defold user and programmer open for remote freelance or contract work. Whether you need help with an ongoing project or someone to create one from scratch, let me know!

If you are considering switching to Defold from another game engine, I can help you evaluate whether Defold is a good fit for your project and identify challenges you might face and nice features you may want to take advantage of.

Click here for some sample clips of my personal projects over the years.

I will offer reduced rates (or fixed-rate bounties) for creating or contributing to public, open-source projects. (See curved-world and low-res GUI picking. Thanks Pkeod! :crown:)

I can also provide short- or long-term code mentorship/critique/review, or consultation on how to organize the code for your project.


  • Highly fluent in Lua.
  • High level of Defold knowledge.
  • I have created game prototypes and solved fundamental challenges in most game genres: platformers, RPGs, various top-down action genres, infinite runners, FPS, grid-based strategy, turn-based, shoot 'em ups, space trading sim, racing, cooking, etc.
  • I particularly enjoy making productivity tools. I have made various game-specific or generic editors for levels, objects, particles, etc., as well as scripts and programs to automate tasks.
  • Comfortable with Git and Github/Bitbucket/etc.
  • Experience using Tiled and writing extensions for it.
  • Experience with most parts of the game development pipeline: design, code, graphics (2D & 3D), and sound.

Things I Won’t Do:

  • Ads, IAP, or other monetization integrations.
  • Most 3rd-party integrations in general.
  • iOS or Mac-specific issues.
  • Native Extensions (there are other forum users with extension experience if that’s what you need).

Related Skills:

  • Some familiarity with shell scripting, Javascript, Python, and C#.
  • Game engines used: UE4, Unity, Godot, and Löve2D, dabbled in many others. I’m familiar with most game development concepts regardless of engine.

Other Skills:

  • Professional concept artist and illustrator (see work here)
    • Skilled with most digital and traditional techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of Blender.
    • Dabbled in writing Blender addons.
  • English proofreading.

Racking my brain trying to think of something to hire you for… If I think of something I’ll pounce!

To anyone else reading this, I can’t endorse Ross enough. He’s Defold elite!


Keep thinking, haha, that would be awesome! Thank you very much for the endorsement, Alex. :blush: Cheers!


Oooh, nice, I didn’t know that. I love the orc about to bash in the helmet of an ultra marine - waaagh!


Thanks! That actually is (or was) the standard art test that Games Workshop gave everybody that applied—an ork fighting a space marine, with the faces of both visible. I was rejected, haha! :joy: But I still got a nice portfolio piece out of it.


Hello @ross.grams
I’m actually in the market for a Defold developer that can help out with the mentorship and consultation work if you are still interested. I would send you a message on the forum, but I’m new to the forum and the rules do not allow that.

I’m also part of the Defold Discord (same name: XarenPrime) if you want to get a hold of me there. Please let me know if you’re still looking for some side work,


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