Exe file is a virus?

So i downloaded the windows package and extracted it. But when i tried to run it it doesn’t run and my antivirus detects it as a virus and neutralizes it. Am i the only one who experienced this?

btw My antivirus is Panda Free Antivirus

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This is the first time I’ve heard of this. We’ll investigate. Thanks for the report!

The same thing happened to me.

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Can you right click on the executable and see if it’s signed (by the Defold Foundation)?

Can apps in Java sandbox be virus?

I suppose so, but it’s probably nor very common. We do however use a small exe (launcher) which in turn launches the editor.

when i downloaded defold in my pc , it said defold has virus. Can you fix it?

If you are talking about the Defold editor, it should be signed with a certificate from “Stiftelsen Defold Foundation”. Right click on your editor to verify this:

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t prevent Windows SmartScreen to flag new executables as potential issues. It is a reputation based system.


What antivirus are you using? I don’t see any false positives here


This is still valid issue. It has signature but Windows Defender still detects it.

Report it to Microsoft as a false positive.